In America, everybody does
better when everybody
does better.
Bob Rackleff

"In America, everybody does better when everybody does better."

I’ll protect your Social Security from Neal Dunn’s drive to raise the eligibility age to 70.  I’ll protect the cost of living adjustment that helps us cope with inflation.  I’ll make sure Medicare provides decent, affordable health care.

I’ll make sure that all American families have a safety net in place for when hard times hit us – and that good jobs are there for everyone willing and able to work.  

That’s because everybody does better when everybody does better. And nobody has to do worse for us to do better. This means that we can’t afford to leave anybody behind.

We can’t afford it economically, because to win the global competition, we need all Americans to achieve their full productive potential.

We can’t afford it morally, because our Declaration of Independence calls for us to strive for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And we can’t afford it spiritually, because our Creator requires us never to turn our backs on children, the elderly and poor, and the stranger.

That’s how I’ll be as your Congressman.

For American Greatness . . . True Greatness

Health Care

I’ll protect Medicare for seniors – and fight for Medicare for All for the simple reason that every American deserves affordable health care. All other rich countries do this. So can we.

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Good Jobs

We need strong action to grow good jobs in the neglected communities of North Florida. We can begin with a fully-funded infrastructure program.

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You’ve worked hard all your life and paid your taxes. I’ll protect what you earned from Neal Dunn’s budget meat-axe and make sure the rich pay their fair share.

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I honored our veterans by becoming one. It was my citizen’s responsibility to serve. I will fight for the benefits my fellow veterans have earned.

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My 12 years as Leon Co. Commissioner shows a reliable independence – serving the interests of working families who depended on me to represent them honestly.

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