I'll fight for our greatness.

Greatness begins with each of us, like my father, Melvin Rackleff.

I had a great teacher in my father, Melvin Rackleff. Born in rural Oregon in 1898, he was a U.S. Navy pharmacist mate in World War I, became a small-towndoctor who cared for his Depression-era community, returned to military service in World War II and Korea – retired, then signed on as a VA physician.

As a dedicated healer, he personified public service. I wear his medical school class ring every day to remind me of how his dedication to decent health care gave people their dignity.

Bob's dad, Dr. Melvin Rackleff.

And my wife, Esther Moring.

My wife, Esther Moring, is also a great teacher. An Army reservist medic while a student at University of Alabama- Birmingham, she became a rural public health nurse, a hospice nurse, and since 1994, an emergency medical coordinator for Doctors Without Borders. She served with emergency teams in 38 overseas missions since then – from caring for refugees fleeing the Rwandan massacres to the civil wars in Bosnia and Sri Lanka and Ebola outbreaks in Congo. She faced dangers that few of us ever have or will. She’s still at it.

Bob's wife, Esther.

I want to bring American greatness — true greatness — back to Congress, and back to you!

America is filled with unsung heroes like Esther and my dad – there are many more like them in Florida’s 2nd Congressional District – who quietly sustain ourgreatness in their daily lives, ready to meet future challenges.

Like you, I want to bring integrity and decent human values back to Congress – to stop the Neal Dunn-Paul Ryan wrecking crew from further undermining our greatness.

The late U.S. House Speaker Sam Rayburn once said,"Any jackass can kick down a barn. It takes a good carpenter to build one."

I want to be one of those carpenters, and that is my commitment to you, the working families of Florida's 2nd Congressional District.

Bob working on a new Habitat for Humanity house in Jackson County, alongside a group from Blackburn College, IL.